Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So This is Democracy? Not!

In between times at the office and the hospital with my mother, I have been watching the news off and on. Like many, I've been pretty aggravated at what's going on in the state of Wisconsin.

Check out today's Christian Post column by Dr. Tony Beam, (pictured right) who makes the astute point that mob action is not democracy. America's Founding Fathers didn't create a pure democracy for that very purpose.

I have a hunch the Democrats' tactics will backfire this time around. More and more people are catching on to the fact that Big Labor is every bit as much of a Big Money special interest as the Big Business interests the unions (and the Dems) decry so much. The reason that the Dems are fighting tooth and nail with the unions on this is not because they're so concerned about working people. They aren't. The unions are a huge source of Democratic money and power. More than that, how many times have I personally heard from rank-and-file union members that the leadership really doesn't speak for them. They get angry about their union dues being used to fund political causes and candidates with which they do NOT agree. But many are forced to be part of the union whether they like it or not.

Nope, I think there could be some comeuppance coming this time around, and long overdue.

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