Monday, February 14, 2011

Sundry Soapbox Items

Several things to comment on today, so I will delay the weekend installment from The Fundamentals until tomorrow.

Mubarak and Israel

First, there's an interesting article in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz recounting a phone call between former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak and an Israeli lawmaker. It recounts Mubarak's anger at the United States and Western countries for their actions in helping to depose him from power. While I recognize the serious issues with Mubarak's regime, its corruption and its authoritarianism, I think what he said about opening the door to an Egypt controlled by Islamic fanatics is a legitimate concern. As we have observed numerous times, Western-style democracy is not necessarily the best thing in countries that have no tradition of it, especially in the Middle East. Democracy gave us Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Mitch Daniels

Next, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels spoke at the CPAC convention. We already had some controversy over a so-called "gay conservative" group being involved in CPAC, and that in turn resulted in many pro-family organizations bowing out for this year. I'll link to a commentary on that in just a moment. However, take a peek at this Des Moines Register blog. In his comments, Governor Daniels pushed for a "broad civil-conservative coalition." He wants a moratorium on social issues, supposedly so the tent gets big enough for a GOP victory in both the next presidential election and the next Congressional elections. We're going to hear that kind of din get louder. I have news for these "big tent" types. Social conservatives will not give in on the issues of abortion and homosexuality. It's a matter of principle. These big tent-types can't seem to understand the long term effects when ground is given on a moral issue. It eventually erodes the foundation of society.

Eastern Establishment Republicans have long held their noses in the air at those of us who are social conservatives, although they typically can't win an election without us. But do you notice it's always the social conservatives who are expected to give ground? We're the ones who are spoilers. It's all our fault. Sorry, I dissent. The Rockefeller Republicans can just go join the Democrats as far as I'm concerned.

Now, here is Star Parker's commentary on the shenanigans at CPAC. I think she's spot on.

I can hear the arguments already. If social conservatives don't shut up and go away, Barack Obama will get a second term, yada, yada, yada. I don't buy it, because typically when a total conservative message is proclaimed articulately and passionately, it resonates with most voters. The problem with the GOP is they often nominate lousy candidates like John McCain and Bob Dole. Not only are they lousy on camera and at the podium, they also pride themselves on their pragmatism — meaning their uncanny ability to help give the Democrats a victory when it matters.

In the end, I don't care how much yapping the establishment types do. I won't support one again.

Late addendum: It looks like more conservatives are waking up to the CPAC problem.

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