Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Chicago Court-Packing?

In the past, I've had the privilege of interviewing David Limbaugh, brother of popular conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh. In addition to being a practicing attorney in Missouri, David also writes books and a regular syndicated column.

I am posting a link to David's most recent column dealing with the left and it's stepped-up pressure on members of the Supreme Court. My headline mentions "court packing," which isn't exactly what's happening right now, but the overall tenor of what David describes reminds me of FDR's attempt to pack the court with justices who would rule like he wanted them to rule in reference to his social engineering.

After you read David's remarks, have a gander at a story in USA Today dealing with new Justices Elena Kagan and Sonja Sotomayor. The USA Today story makes it clear the two newest justices are pushy and have big mouths, especially Sotomayor (those are MY words and assessment, not the newspaper story's words). The article gushes about the impact they're going to have on the Supreme Court, its deliberations and rulings. Reading between the lines, it seems like the justices have made their minds up largely on ideology before the case even gets to oral argument stage.

All in all, this is pretty troubling stuff that does not bode well for the future.

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