Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Potty Mouth Heathcliff?

I've been so busy of late, it's hard to find time to even eat. But this little BBC entertainment story caught my attention.

It appears there's a new stage version of Wuthering Heights coming out soon. Apparently Britain's BBC felt it necessary to add expletives to Emily Bronte's Gothic romance. Here's a brief clip from the news article in question . . .

Playwright Jonathan Holloway said he had introduced expletives into the tempestuous tale of romance "to shift the production to left field". He said he wanted to "capture the shock" of the book's original release.

The BBC said it had used swearing to portray the "extremity of the lives" of Cathy, Heathcliff and other characters. A warning over its content will be broadcast at the beginning of the drama.

"That's what I wanted to elbow out, this idea that it's the cosy greatest love story ever told. It's not." Holloway describes Wuthering Heights as "a story of violent obsession and a tortuous unfulfilled relationship".

The article goes on to say that some words in Bronte's original manuscript had been crossed out because they were "too strong." That's interesting. I'd like to see that original manuscript. Somehow I doubt that a clergyman's daughter in that time period of England would be dropping the "F-Bomb" into her story.

It just goes to show you that some people simply can't leave well enough alone. I kind of wonder what Emily and her sisters would think of the BBC's tinkering with the story. Bramwell might have gone for it, but I doubt even that.


Cindy Swanson said...

I totally agree, Joel! It's a credit to Emily Bronte's writing that she was able to convey everything she needed to convey without today's obscene language. I agree with you that she wouldn't have been dropping F-bombs. I somehow doubt that that word (which I detest!!!!) would have been in widespread use in those days.
Did you know a new "Jane Eyre" movie opened this month? It's only in select theaters.

Solameanie said...

Yes, I saw the news about the new "Jane." I'll probably have to wait until it comes out on DVD, unfortunately. I can't get away much these days.