Thursday, March 10, 2011

So Now It Begins . . .

Regular readers to this blog will know that I have had concerns about Glenn Beck for some time. While agreeing with many of his positions on traditionalism and American history, I have been deeply concerned about the lack of discernment of many in the conservative Christian camp as to Beck's Mormonism and spiritual beliefs.

Brannon Howze has just released a video dealing with this issue. It will be very, very interesting to see the fallout.

The things Brannon raises in the WND article are serious. Beck is NOT an evangelical Christian. His beliefs are at variance with biblical truth, regardless of his use of the word "atonement." You always have to ask the question, "What do you mean when you use this or that term?" You often find that the meaning the other person holds is not the meaning you hold. It is that way between Mormonism and mainstream, biblical evangelical Christianity. And the consequences are eternal.


lee n. field said...

"Christian author: Glenn Beck actually New Age 'anti-Christ'"

Oh, boy. [sigh].

"Nowhere in Beck's new book does he mention the biblical Gospel."

I went to one of Brannon Howse's worldview events once. I came away pretty down on the whole "Christian worldview" enterprise. Gospel was assumed at the Code Blue Rally, and I don't think that's a safe thing to assume. My thought is that if someone has a good handle on the gospel, knows the Bible, and has a good grasp on the sweep of redemptive history, the worldview will take care of itself.

Solameanie said...

Hi, Lee..

I haven't been to one of these personally, but I do believe in helping people to establish and maintain a biblical, Christian worldview. That's the tag line from my radio program. I can't speak for what happened at Brannon's event, but I do agree that many seem very gullible where Beck is concerned, and that includes many evangelicals who seem to want to include Mormonism within mainstream Christianity.

Check this one out. Even more maddening.

Solameanie said...

BTW, I don't think Beck was being called THE antichrist. Just a type of one. The Apostle John said the spirit of antichrist was already in the world, and that there were many antichrists. Mormons believe in a false Christ, so I think the term can apply.