Thursday, April 28, 2011

Birth Certificates

Thus far, I haven't weighed in a whole lot on the so-called "birther" controversy, i.e. was President Obama born in a place other than the U.S. thereby making him ineligible for the presidency.

I always had the hunch that Obama was letting this thing drag on for political reasons, namely to make his detractors look as stupid as possible. What I find infinitely more troubling is the hypocrisy I see, along with an underlying contempt for the U.S. Constitution.

For those who can remember, this stuff didn't start with the right wing. Some on the Democratic side of the fence were happy to raise questions about John McCain's citizenship because he was born in the Panama Canal zone (his father was stationed there in the U.S. military). As for Mr. Obama, I understand that some in the Hillary Clinton camp actually began the birther issue during the presidential primaries. That is conveniently forgotten. But why be surprised at anything in politics? It's a hypocrite's paradise.

What really ought to trouble us is the idea that such a question is illegitimate, no matter who it involves. The Constitution mandates that the president be a natural born citizen. But listen to some of the talking heads and certain politicians, their attitude signals that it really doesn't matter. It's like they're thinking, "Down deep, you know that the Constitution is really an archaic document that is meaningless today. It ought to be replaced." Look no further than former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who had presidential ambitions at one time and who has expressed some irritation that the natural born provision is in the Constitution. (Given what's happened in California, let's thank the Lord he can't run for president).

More and more, our government pays lip service to our wonderful founding document, but ignores it at every opportunity. President Obama himself said that the Constitution stands in the way of "progress."

We'd best start paying attention, and insist that the Constitution be obeyed.

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