Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Big O's Big Blunder

Well, our fearless leader has done it this time. President Obama reversed course on decades of American foreign policy and called for Israel to retreat to its 1967 borders.

As you can see from the map pictured, neither the UN partition plan or the 1967 borders leaves much in the middle of Israel for defense purposes. A 5 to 8-mile-wide strip of land is — as Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in the linked article — indefensible. Those remarks were echoed a short time ago by former Israeli ambassador Dore Gold. And they are quite correct.

It will be interesting to see what fallout there is from this decision here in America. My personal position is that it is Obama's biggest mistake thus far as president, and this country will live to rue the day if this idiotic action isn't reversed.

My stand with Israel is no secret, although I haven't always agreed with everything an Israeli government has done. My stand with Israel is not a purely political either, as you can well imagine from reading this blog. It's also theological. Deeply theological. God made promises to Israel that will be fulfilled, and nations harm Israel at their peril. Yes, yes . . . I know my amillennial friends disagree with this, and I'm not going to argue the pre-mill vs. amill thing here. Even leaving that out of the equation, I would think that most Bible-believing Christians would have concerns about throwing our strongest Middle East ally and only true democracy under the bus, or more likely, under the weight of further Islamic terrorism.

But Mr. Obama has done it now. It only remains to be seen if the American people (not to mention Congress) will force a reversal in course.


Foreign Languages Made Easy said...

Would the United States allow "right of return" to all indigenous tribes within their country?

Solameanie said...

Good point. And I wouldn't be surprised at all if the current administration didn't come to that conclusion.

crownring said...

The first thing I thought of when I heard the president's speech was "Ah oh! We're in for it now!" Although to be fair, Pres. Obama also said the Palestinians had to recognize the "Jewish State's" right to exist.

Actually, I think we ARE in for it anyway, Sola. We continue to have massive floods, deadly and extremely costly tornadoes, wild fires, not to mention other likely disasters (earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions) in the not so distant future. The PM of Japan said the earthquake and tsunami were Heaven's punishment for the sin of greed. If there is truth in his words, I wonder how much punishment has yet to come our way?