Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Changing Ozarks

I came across this reflective article yesterday in the CC Headliner, an online compilation of newspaper stories from the Arkansas/Missouri Ozarks.

If you're like me and have connections in that region of the country, and have memories of "how things used to be," I think you'll find the article a little bittersweet. The part that bugs me the most is the line about how developers are gobbling up the land and pricing it out of reach for farmers and ranchers.

Yes, I know. Growling at developers seems a bit out of character for a conservative. But this conservative thinks the Ozark environment, rural character and laid-back lifestyle is worth conserving. The Missouri Highway Department has already ruined the most beautiful drive down there (U.S. 67 between Farmington and Poplar Bluff). I have little desire to see strip malls and blocks of condominiums dotting the mountainsides.

Whatever the case, they had best leave the Buffalo National River alone. That will get my water hot!


Solameanie said...

I should clarify -- I think the Route 67 drive is (or was) one of the most beautiful in the Missouri section of the Ozarks. THE most beautiful in the entire Ozark region -- bar none -- is Arkansas Route 7 between Harrison and Hot Springs.

Anonymous said...

How sad. Truly one of our family's favorite places.