Monday, May 23, 2011

The Church is Still the Church!

Fallout from the Harold Camping Debacle

In reading some of this material from Redeemer Broadcasting, I began reflecting on my own time with Harold Camping's Family Radio network back in the early 1980s. It wasn't all that long -- only a few months -- but I will always value the time simply because of the experience, and because I began friendships that have endured to this day.

Even then, some of us who worked at KFRN (Family Radio's Long Beach, CA, station) had our doubts about Harold, but back then he was largely orthodox in his theology. His eschatology then was amillennial (in keeping with general Reformed Church theology), and I did not agree with that. He also held an overly harsh view of charismatics and Pentecostals. He believed they were following "another gospel" and were "adding to God's Word," thereby adding to themselves the plagues of Scripture. Needless to say, I didn't agree with that either.

Back then, Family Radio had some fine programming. It was there that I first discovered Dr. John MacArthur. I used to manually put his tapes up on the machine and play them on air. But my time as a Family Radio staffer came to an end, and I left in October, 1983. My desire to be in Christian broadcasting had not left me, but I could not get full time work at KFRN, and I was commuting a 120-mile round trip for a part time job.

I returned to full time secular broadcasting again, and stayed there until May, 1988, when I joined the staff of Christian stations WQFL/WGSL in Rockford, Illinois. I left full time radio for different ministry in August 1993, but have always kept my radio contacts alive.

As I look back on it now, I believe it was God's providence that removed me from Family Radio before Harold went astray. I also note with interest that Harold's growing doctrinal errors (according to the link above) led to his departure from a Reformed church in Alameda, California. That happened in May of 1988 - the same month I re-entered Christian broadcasting in answer to a long-standing prayer. Isn't that something?

So what can I say on reflection? Sadly, Harold has been shamed and disgraced. I hope and pray he repents of his error. Whether he does or not, God is still sovereign, and His church is NOT dead. The Lord's church is still His bride, and He will return to receive her to Himself in His own good time.

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Anonymous said...

I saw somewhere that Harold is going with an "invisible return". Where've we heard that before? (Don't answer, that's a rhetorical question.) Great Disappointment, "deja vu all over again". There's probably an un-disuadeable core that'll turn into a fringe cult.

I figured there was an out, from the way I saw some of the signs phrased: "It begins May 21."

Linkage: HAROLD CAMPING, JUDGMENT DAY, & THE REST OF THE STORY (On the circumstances of HC's discipline by and departure from the Alameda CRC), and The End of the World According to Harold Camping by W. Robert Godfrey -- reflections from a guy who know him waaaay back when.

(Blogger's being goofy about posting, so I'll pick "anonymous". --"lnf")