Sunday, May 15, 2011

Deconstructing Harold Camping

Allow me to tip my hat this evening to fellow apologist Dr. James White, who recently published this article on Harold Camping's false teachings.

Harold Camping is the president of Family Radio, based in Oakland, California. I actually worked for one of the Family Radio stations at one time eons ago (1982-1983) in Long Beach, California. Even then, Harold's theology was a bit suspect to me in some areas, but most of Family Radio's programming at that time was pretty good, and included pastor/teachers such as Dr. John MacArthur and others.

Sadly, back in the 1990s, Harold really wigged out, as James' article demonstrates. When I say "sadly," I mean it. The Second Coming of Christ is a key doctrine of the church. We are commanded to watch for it and wait expectantly by none other than the Lord Jesus Himself. The Lord also said that no man would know the date or hour of His return. To say otherwise is to call the Lord a liar. That ought to be a warning in and of itself, but millions are being taken in by Harold's false date-setting, already shown to be erroneous when he blew it the first time in 1994.

But how like the enemy, isn't it? To be a counterfeit, there has to be something real or true to be counterfeited. Jesus is coming again. I personally believe the time is soon. But when He does return, it won't be by Harold Camping's timetable or anyone else's. That date and time has been determined by God alone.

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