Monday, May 02, 2011

Happy Birthday, KJV!

A brief post today to thank the Lord for the 400-year-old King James Version of the Bible. This article in the Christian Post covers the story, and there are plenty of articles out there to scour if you're interested.

I grew up reading and studying the KJV, and still love its grandeur and beautiful Elizabethan English. I rarely use it these days for personal devotions, nor do I teach out of it, as most of this generation finds it hard to wrap their minds around the older form of the English language. In this day and age, being able to communicate is paramount — especially with the short attention spans of anyone under 35. I find that a bit sad, as the KJV is one of the crowning achievements of English literature.

No doubt, my usage of another Bible version will get me in hot water with the loudly vocal KJV-only crowd, and that's an argument I refuse to have. (Take that warning seriously. I will immediately delete comments trying to draw me into it. There is plenty of scholarship out there dealing with that issue, and I won't waste blog space niggling over it here).

The New American Standard Version is my primary Bible these days, and it will continue to be. But today, let's give celebration and honor where honor is due, and glory to God for preserving His Word. Also, let me pose a challenge to the younger set. Pick up a copy of the King James and purpose to read and study it for a month or two. You'll find the archaic language difficult at first, but hang in there. You'll be enriched.

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