Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More on Camping and the End

Since Family Radio's Harold Camping is saying with certainty that the world will end on Saturday of this week (or at least the beginning of the end and the Rapture of the church), I thought I should make a couple of more remarks on this subject.

First, I am certain that we'll still be here on Sunday morning and Monday morning. The Lord doesn't appreciate date-setters, as we've noted before. I saw how Harold twists Mark 13:32 about no one knowing the date or the hour, and it simply amazes me. I think Harold the civil engineer needs to discuss this with people who are actually Bible scholars, and whether the alleged lack of a capital letter denotes that Jesus was not talking of Himself during his time of voluntary earthly limitation.

I'd like to link you to another thought-provoking blog post by Dan Phillips (Biblical Christianity). He makes an important distinction that I had not considered before, i.e. Harold is more properly called a "false teacher" than a false prophet." The only quibble I'd have with that (and I am heading back there to post the question now) is are we talking about predictive prophecy or someone who claims to be "forthtelling" God's truth? There is the prophetic role of the preacher which has nothing to do with predictive prophecy.

Whatever the case, Harold Camping is indeed a false teacher. And Dan is right on another point. Even after Saturday and Sunday roll by, there will still be people who will hang on every word.

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