Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sodom, Gomorrah and the PC Pulpit

I suppose it was only a matter of time.

Yes, the Presbyterian Church USA has decided to ordain practicing homosexuals to the clergy. You can look at the entire news article by clicking the hyperlink, but I am excerpting a clip below that will serve to illustrate our problem and my end point . . .

"They're making this change amid a larger cultural change. General public opinion on gay rights is trending pretty dramatically in the liberal direction," said Mark Chaves, a professor of sociology, religion and divinity at Duke University.
"There is no practical reason to do it," such as a shortage of ministers, Chaves said. "It's a matter of principle on both sides."
Chaves said his father, a voting member of his presbytery, was persuaded to vote for it due to the vitriol of opponents.
Other mainline Protestant denominations in the United States to drop their prohibitions on gay clergy are the United Church of Christ, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and The Episcopal Church. The move by The Episcopal Church has opened rifts in the American church and in the larger Anglican Communion to which it belongs.
The United Methodist Church, a mainline Protestant denomination, continues to wrestle over the issue. The United Methodist Church and the Presbyterian Church broke new ground in the mid-1950s when both faiths approved the ordination of women.

A larger cultural change. General public opinion. Because of vitriol of opponents. As Arte Johnson used to say on Laugh In, "Interesting. Very, very interesting." I gather that you have noticed the absence of something pretty glaring. What does God Himself have to say on the subject through His Word and the testimony of the church throughout 2,000 years of church history?

To these folks, God's opinion doesn't really matter. In the end, they will find out that His opinion matters very, very much!

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lee n. field said...

If you hemorrhage your more conservative members long enough, eventually you'll run short.

I keep hoping my Dad's church will jump ship to the EPC.