Monday, June 06, 2011

Alumni Demand a Christian College Cease Christianity?

Today's Christian Post contains this troubling little article about homosexual activists foaming at the mouth again.

This time, some alumni of Messiah College apparently want the Christian school to abandon biblical ethics, specifically the stand they take about homosexual conduct. Thus far, the college has appropriately told the offending alumni to go pound sand. The protesting alumni say they'll take their money elsewhere if the college doesn't give in.

We'll probably see more of this nonsense, and I hope that truly Christian colleges, universities and seminaries stand firm despite what economic hit they take. More than that, they need to come out aggressively against the homosexual denial of biblical truth and hit back hard. They shouldn't wait for some student engaged in sexual sin to leave in a huff. Said student ought to repent or face expulsion. There are plenty of secular colleges and universities where they can engage in sodomy to their gut's content. Christian colleges are Christian colleges for a reason, and have every right to expect their students to adhere to biblical conduct.

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