Tuesday, June 28, 2011

America Unraveling

Those who have followed the The Seventh Sola for some time will know that I had the privilege of attending Dr. John MacArthur's "Shepherds' Conference" back in 2007. I posted some of the conference content here on the blog both during and after the event. It was truly stellar.

Dr. Steve Lawson was one of the keynote speakers at the conference then, and he was also at a local conference in my area not too long ago (First Baptist Church in Freeport, IL, hosted the event). Dr. Lawson — pastor of Christ Fellowship Baptist Church in Mobile, AL — recently keynoted at the Resolved Conference in southern California. In his address covered by the Christian Post, Dr. Lawson makes the case that America is "unraveling like a cheap sweater" due to its growing ungodliness and immorality.

This is worth pondering and making a matter of prayer. Our nation is indeed in trouble, and the only solution is the Gospel. Churches need to quit entertaining the masses and get back to preaching it.

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