Monday, June 13, 2011

Atheists and Prayer?

The battle that militant atheists wage against public expressions of interaction with God seem to ebb and flow depending on circumstances hither and yon. Sometimes the news has nothing to do with prayer in school or "In God We Trust" on coinage. Sometimes it enters the news when a well-known vocal atheist such as Christopher Hitchens gets terminally ill and people begin praying for him.

In this World Magazine column, Tony Woodlief expresses the view that atheists ought to encourage prayer instead of fighting against it. I appreciate the sentiment and get a chuckle out of it, even while agreeing with Tony's grim conclusion. However, I don't think militant atheists will appreciate the advice very much.

While you're at World's website, look up Marvin Olasky's latest column on expository preaching and story-telling. Worth the read.


Dungy said...

As a militant atheist I can say that I've never been offended by offers to pray for my health and well-being. Also, in my personal experience, I've never encountered another atheist who has felt threatened or offended by such sentiment.

One can appeciate the good intentions of another individual, without feeling that they are somehow implicitly validating the action itself. It certainly does no harm, and may do some good.

Solameanie said...

That's nice to hear. Thanks for commenting.