Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Clueless is as Clueless Does

Who is Trevor Phillips?

That was my first question after seeing this little ditty of an article over at the Christian Post. Apparently Mr. Phillips has some issues with Christians actually daring to stand up for historic biblical Christianity.

This particular flap is taking place over in the United Kingdom. But never despair, we have enough silliness happening on this side of the pond as well. Apparently some New York atheists are mad at a memorial for some 9/11 fallen NYC firefighters. They find "Seven in Heaven" offensive.

I used to get mad at this stuff, but now I pretty much just roll my eyes and point the upturned noses wearing duncecaps back at Scripture . . . that is after rubbing their noses in their own effluent for a while. What still makes me mad is when Christians allow themselves to be cowed or intimidated by this nonsense. There's no need to be. Keep speaking and standing for truth whether anyone else likes it or not. They only get away with it when Christians are silent and timid.

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