Thursday, June 02, 2011

Dr. Al Mohler on Harold Camping's Errors

Fellow blogger Dan Phillips recently noted the reluctance of many in the evangelical camp to roundly condemn Harold Camping's false teachings. This week, Dr. Al Mohler has written a column dealing with Camping's errors and also expresses dismay over the same squeamishness.

When Dan first made the observation, I commented over at his blog, wondering about the admonition from the Apostle Paul to Timothy about not "sharply rebuking an older man." On reflection, I think that line was written to Timothy — a comparatively young pastor — to caution him against coming across as ugly or disrespectful to much older men. In the culture of that day, such sassiness would have been severely frowned upon. Come to think of it, young people in our day were once taught to respect their elders. I think they still are in some circles, although the evidence is getting harder to find.

Having said all that and upon reflection, I don't think Paul's admonition to Timothy was intended to stop church leaders and elders from rebuking and correcting false teachers. Even Timothy was expected to do so, but always in a godly manner. Sometimes there has to be pretty frank, plain language when such correction takes place. In the end, sometimes there is no other option but the anathema.

As both Dan and Al Mohler have pointed out, Harold Camping has earned anathemas . . . in spades.

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