Thursday, June 30, 2011

Losing Yarnell's?

With this tragic story from Arkansas, I feel like a tree that's suffered an ax-blow near the roots.

It looks like Yarnell's Ice Cream will soon be no more. This Searcy, Arkansas-based ice cream maker is known for it's Ozark Black Walnut variety, and I tried to make a point of enjoying it whenever I was back down there. In recent years, my mother and I found a way to wrap the half-gallon containers in newspaper and then put in ice-packed coolers to survive the 10-hour trip back to Illinois. I can't get down there at the moment, and I am panicking. I'll have to see if some relatives can't grab me a couple and keep them in their freezer for me.

By the by, while I mourn the loss of the ice cream, my deeper concern is for the company and its workers. More than that, I'm concerned about the fact that this is yet another indication of the trouble our country is in economically. It's already in tatters spiritually. The economy is a by-product.

Somehow, I hope and pray that Yarnell's can find a way to re-open. And I also hope and pray that we will get rid of the batch of idiots currently running the country and replace them with people who have a clue economically, and with a determination to put our nation back on the course laid by our Founding Fathers.

And while we're at it, deport George Soros.

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Dungy said...

I have no idea what your politics are, but I'm working from the assumption that you consider yourself a conservative, and believe that capitalism is the most sound economic philosophy. If I'm correct, then you must be aware that under capitalism - even in the best of economies - businesses do fail. Capitalism is not a compassionate system, nor should it be. Demand dictates which endevours thrive and which fail. It may hurt personally when a beloved old product goes away, but temper your personal feelings with the knowledge that A. Demand may actually be low or B. Management may have made poor decisions, hurting profitability.

Now, if you have good reason to believe that this particular business fell exclusively, or in the most part because of federal action, I'd be happy to listen. But this generally bitter, curmudgeony attitude of latter day "conservatives" to feel justified in blaming every market correction on whichever "batch of idiots" is currently in power. This attitude is, in my opinion, intellectual sloth masquerading as a virtue like "vigilance".