Thursday, July 21, 2011

Democrats and Memory Holes

I have been neglecting this blog horribly, with a comment from a prior post yet to be answered. But with more health care stuff going on in the family tomorrow, it may take a bit longer to get back to my normal routine.

I couldn't let this story pass without comment, though. I was yelling at the television earlier when I saw the Democratic talking heads out there trying to use Ronald Reagan in the current budget impasse. "Reagan was willing to compromise and raise taxes."

Thank God for Michael Reagan, who (in the linked article) reminds us that the Democrats in Reagan's day reneged on spending cuts they had promised when Reagan was forced into the tax increases. The spending cuts never happened. We ought to remember that and shout it from the housetops.

Because they'll do it again. Count on it.

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Dungy said...

Reagan signed legislation to raise taxes 11 times during his 2 terms. I'm not sure what your point is. Because Democrats reneged on promises to cut spending, taxes must never be raised again? Or maybe that Republican leadership should never compromise again?

Whatever is fiscally prudent is what should be done. That means that both spending cuts and revenue increases should be on the table.

I for one find the question of what Reagan did or did not do irrelevant to the current discussion. Ronald Reagan is not, and should not be the patron saint of financial conservativism.

Now, maybe you're only opposed to the way that Democrats have misrepresented the truth by failing to mention the whole context in their propaganda efforts. Fine, then.

However, out of the vast and wide river of untruth coming from Washington (including Republican Tea Party demagogues), I find the singling out of this particular falsehood to be ridiculously out of proportion. I find it, in fact, to be utterly insane.