Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Scripture: Taking Its Proper Place

I've been reading from an anthology edited by Dr. Norman Geisler called "Inerrancy." Specifically, the subject is biblical inerrancy. Along with that, I've been re-reading portions of "The Battle for the Bible" by Harold Lindsell. But Dr. Geisler's anthology is what has my attention today.

While skimming through it, I came across a chapter written by Dr. Robert Preus of Concordia Seminary, where Dr. Preus reviews Martin Luther's attitude toward God's Word. I'd like to excerpt a portion of the chapter to encourage your hearts today:

But there is another reason why Luther valued the Scriptures so highly, namely, their power; power to comfort, to save, to regenerate, to lead the child of God to eternal life. In this sense and for this purpose God speaks mightily to us in the sacred Scriptures. This is the very purpose of the Holy Spirit, even as He diligently describes the most shameful, adulterous history, the most despised, filthy, and damnable things in Scripture: to teach, reprove, admonish, bless, and save us. Luther never tires of extolling the practical value of Scripture for the life of a believer.

It makes us happy, trustful, confident Christians and puts us at peace with God. It is our defence against the temptations of the devil, the world, and our flesh. It instructs us in the true worship and service of God and in how to be a good theologian. It sanctifies, reforms, and comforts us. But most important of all, we learn about God and His grace in Scripture, and so we gain eternal life. In this is the great power of the Scripture. For Scripture not only points us to Christ, it shares Christ with us and bestows Him on us. It brings us to faith, and through it the Holy Spirit comes to us with all His treasures and blessings. Scripture does all this; it possesses the intrinsic power to do so because it is God's Word, because the Spirit of God is never separated from it, and because its message is Christ. "All the works which Christ performed are recorded in the Word, and in the Word and through the Word He will give us everything, and without the Word He will give us nothing.

To be sure, the preached Gospel has all the power of the written Word of Scripture; but the preached word (and all theology) is to be drawn only from the one divine foundation of Scripture.

In this day and age where the Word of God is under renewed attack, this is a good reminder of how closely we as believers need to hold to biblical truth. No matter how unpopular we get, or how much the world mocks.

God's Word is a sure foundation.

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