Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Abortion in the UK

American Sensationalism?

The BBC carried this rather disturbing article this morning on an abortion-related battle taking place in the British parliament.

Tory MP Nadine Torries has been pushing for changes in how women receive abortion counseling in the UK, and this has generated quite a firestorm, although Ms. Torries herself insists she is "pro-choice" on the subject of abortion.

The accusation I found curious and bothersome was that of introducing "American sensationalism" into the discussion.

American sensationalism? Abortion is the same tragedy no matter where it happens. I realize Europe is more liberal than the U.S. on many social issues, but I hardly think the pro-life cause is being ginned up solely from America. There are conservative Christians born and bred in the UK who object to abortion on moral and biblical grounds, and who are quite vocal about it. They need no prodding from their American brothers and sisters.

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