Monday, September 26, 2011

Poor Arkansas!

I guess you've arrived when universities etc. begin doing studies on you and popular music references you. Then again, maybe not.

Check out this rather interesting piece" on why Arkansas can't seem to shake its hillbilly, redneck image.

Like most Southern states, the culture has changed there somewhat from earlier days. People have moved in from other parts of the country due to the scenic beauty and lower cost of living than you find in major urban centers. New people slowly bring changes to things and not always for the better. Case in point, last year a grocery store in Mountain Home, AR, caved in to homosexual activists after a row in which the store tried to remove magazines and tabloids showing same-sex couples kissing etc, especially because children are often in grocery stores with their families. In earlier days, the activists would have been shown the door, and then some. In this day and age, the store caved. The times they are a'changin in the Land of Opportunity.

For the record, there is much more to Arkansas than the occasional redneck. It's a great state and I hope to retire there someday in the region from where my family hailed originally. I still have family there. They're not hayseeds and rednecks either.

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