Friday, September 23, 2011

Yay for Al Mohler and NPR!

We conservatives tend to pick on National Public Radio (NPR) quite a bit, but I want to give them kudos today for this discussion on the reliability of Scripture. Basically, it was a liberal professor from Calvin College debating Genesis etc. with Dr. Al Mohler, whom regular readers of this blog know I hold in very high respect.

Usually, when the left-leaning media choose evangelical spokespeople for venues such as this, they're typically ones who come across as hillrods or make you wince in other ways. Dr. Mohler represented conservative, evangelical Christianity very well in this dialogue, and starkly illustrated the issue at stake when people who identify themselves as Christians began softening on the reliability and authority of Scripture.

Today, good for NPR! And thanks to Phil Johnson of Pyromaniacs for the heads-up on this interview.

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