Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dawkins Ducks Debate over Atheism

This one really takes the cake.

No doubt, many of you have heard that Christian apologist William Lane Craig has been trying to get virulent atheist Richard Dawkins to debate on the subject of God's existence etc. Dawkins generally refuses to accept these challenges, but this time he really irritated me.

Check out this little London Guardian column on the subject. A key reason Dawkins says he refuses to debate Craig is the idea that Craig would defend a God who is "guilty of genocide." What a hoot and what a load of malarkey. I suspect the real reason is that William Lane Craig would hand Dawkins his head.

Note also the undercurrent smug arrogance of Richard Dawkins. As if he has the right to sit in judgment on an omniscient Creator for executing righteous judgment that only He has the right to execute. Mr. Dawkins ought to do some research on Canaanite culture and some of their grotesquely wicked practices before he gets in a huff at God. Oddly enough, if he doesn't believe such a God exists, it's interesting that he gets so excised over the subject.

Richard Dawkins can feign anger and outrage at William Lane Craig and other Christians all he wants. But his real problem is much more serious. Deep down inside, denials aside, Dawkins KNOWS there is a God, and that he is one day going to have to stand before that God and give an account for himself. That makes him angry and full of wrath, much like the reality of this causes Satan to have great wrath, because he knows his time is short.

Unless Dawkins has a serious change in attitude, repents of his sins and acknowledges Christ as Savior, Lord and God, their future encounter will not go very well.

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