Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gilad Shalit: What Price Freedom

As with most supporters of Israel, I was pleased to see IDF soldier Gilad Shalit released from his captivity by Hamas terrorists. This linked article from the BBC has more details of Sgt. Shalit's release.

The thing that I find particularly galling is that young Shalit was freed only after Israel bit the bullet and agreed to release 1,000 Palestinian terrorists. Israel freed 477 Palestinians on Tuesday, including people convicted of murder and of planning suicide attacks. Another 550 jailed Palestinians are to be freed next month under the deal. To get one young man freed, they had to let more than 1,000 killers or would-be killers go. And of course, global attention is applauding the terrorists and continuing to condemn Israel.

I suppose you could look at it this way - at least Israel will no longer be responsible for the feeding and housing of these thugs. And we can hope that Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu will not hesitate to order severe military strikes should any of these released terrorists return to their murderous ways.

But for now, I will celebrate young Gilad's release, and I can only imagine what he endured in captivity. I will also continue to be amazed at the double standard aimed at Israel by the bulk of the media and the international community.

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