Friday, October 28, 2011

Watching Over Me

Now and then the subject of "guardian angels" comes up, and as usual, we get a plethora of opinions about them. Sometimes they are biblically sound and reasonable, and others are really whacked-out with little basis in Scripture, or a verse is cherry-picked and a whole doctrine is built around it, which is an exegetical no-no.

I look at my own life and how the Lord Himself has engineered things to take care of me and my family. While angels might have been involved in some of it, I have to give the Lord Himself the glory for how things work out. Today I received one more of those little "God moments," and I'll get to in in a moment. But let me tell the whole story first.

When I first moved out from Rockford, IL, to my little rural village about 40 miles off, I had really prayed for a good location, especially keeping in mind that I would be taking my elderly mother and stepfather in to live with me eventually. I needed a good, peaceful quiet location for them so they could live out their last years in a modicum of comfort and peace.

The Lord seemed to confirm every step of the way, and I ended up in this little village. Come to find out, the chief deputy sheriff of the county is a believer, and goes to a nearby Evangelical Free Church — my denomination. He lives right up the road from me. His mother and father live next door to me, and keep an eye on Mom for me when I have to be away on business. His mother in law — also a believer — lives right up the road. A further jump up the road on the outside of the village, there is another dear couple who attend my church and are in the Sunday school class I teach. They walk by my house and say good morning every day.

But it gets better. I ended up having to switch banks because my bank went belly up, so I switched to a local branch in the main town nearby. The bank manager turns out to be a believer who goes to my church!

Once when Mom needed a caregiver during the day post-surgery, I chose a local firm to help and the first one they sent out here turns out to be a believer who loves the Lord, and she took excellent care of Mom.

Today, my car broke down, so I took it to the local Buick dealership for service. The man who runs their shuttle service to take me back home recognized my voice, and it turns out he is a believer and attends my church.

It seems like the Lord has graciously surrounded me and my mother with His people. It is such a blessing and encouragement to both of us. The enormity of the blessing hit me rather forcefully this morning, so I just wanted to say "Praise God," and have you join me in offering Him glory and thanksgiving. He always looks after His people!

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