Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Big "O" Got Caught!

Beware of open microphones.

They always used to tell us that in radio broadcasting. Anytime there was a microphone present, you had the potential of being broadcast over the air. Watch your mouth.

Too bad President Obama and French president Nikolas Sarkozy didn't learn that lesson. Or perhaps they don't care. As this published report indicates, Obama and Sarkozy engaged in some trash talk aimed at Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Personally, I'm glad they got caught. We have long suspected Obama of being anti-Israel and his actions thus far have borne that out in my humble opinion. As for Sarkozy, I'm not surprised given Europe's general anti-Semitism. I think he's probably on his way out in the next French election, but we'll see.

I can only hope Obama is on his way out as the U.S. president in the next election. Sadly, he can still do a lot of damage to the country between now and January 20, 2013.


Zippy said...

You saif something mean about Obama. you are racist.

crownring said...

You might find this interesting, Sola.


Personally, I don't know if Benjamin Netanyahu is a liar or not. Not knowing the man, I won't presume to judge him. However I doubt that he is completely incapable of lying. With very few exceptions, that's pretty much what politicans do.