Monday, November 14, 2011

Bryan Duncan's New Project!

I've always been a fan of Bryan Duncan, dating back to the time when he was lead singer of Sweet Comfort Band. If I had to pick a favorite solo recording of Bryan's, it would be his album "Strong Medicine."

According to this news item at Christian Music's website, Bryan is planning a new album and he'd like some help from his fans and supporters.

A clip from the release says that the purpose of doing this through Kickstarter is to help "fund the release of his 23rd album and the re-issue of eight out-of-print CDs. The campaign runs through December 16, 2011, and, according to Kickstarter’s policy, must reach its goal to receive any funding." Here's more . . . is a web site that describes itself as a new way to fund & follow creativity. “The cool thing about Kickstarter” says Duncan, “is fans get to be a part of my music project. That’s a lot better than re-tweeting something I said or tagging me in a photo.”

Duncan’s supporters can also receive special incentives for participating in the Kickstarter campaign - autographed albums, house concerts, duets in concert or on their own albums -- and the chance to talk with Duncan by phone or videoconference.

“My fans and I share many of the same experiences. We’re all just learning what it means to experience God’s grace in all of life’s circumstances. Interaction with them often is the inspiration for songs,” Duncan says. “ So it’s exciting to have a way to connect with some of them during the writing and recording process.”

Duncan views music as a calling, so he’ll be writing and singing as long as he’s able, with or without a record company.

“If you’ve got a calling, you’re compelled to do it -- regardless of how painful it gets or what everyone else thinks about it. I’m grateful, though, that there are people who have listened to my music and supported me for so many years.”

I plan on contributing, and I'd encourage you to do so as well.

As a final note, Bryan, along with Sweet Comfort Band-mates Randy Thomas (Allies) and Rick Thomson, are working on a new SCB album. In part, this will be in memorial of SCB founder and bassist Kevin Thomson, who passed away last year after a long illness.

As to whether there will be an SCB tour, it remains to be seen. Pray for God's provision and direction for Bryan, Randy and the band.

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