Wednesday, November 16, 2011

KJV's 400th and Sundry BBC News

For today's post, we make a friendly visit to our friends at the BBC in the United Kingdom.

First, on a happier note, there is a story about Queen Elizabeth and other notables attending a service/observance reflecting the 400th anniversary of the venerable King James Version of the Bible. It would have been nice to have seen some more evangelical representation in the story, but at least it's largely a positive account and respectful.

The next story is not so pleasant. Are you ready?

It appears there's a new Spanish-origin play about the Lord Jesus on stage in France, and it's causing quite the controversy. Here's a clip boiling down the dispute to a nutshell:

Another senior Catholic cleric, Bishop Dominique Rey of Frejus-Toulon, condemned what he said was Garcia's depiction of Christ as "madman, dog, pyromaniac, messiah of Aids, devil-whore, no better than a terrorist".

Garcia himself said his play, which depicts the life of Christ through shocking images of contemporary consumer society, was a reflection of everyday reality.

Too bad we can't just be satisfied with the biblical account. That describes the life of our Lord quite accurately, and most importantly, offers up the purpose of His earthly sojourn - God the Son becoming our sin-bearer, laying down His life, dying on the cross for our sins and rising again from the dead for our justification.

I expect we'll continue to see stuff like this and much worse as time moves on toward the Lord's return - this time as judge. Sir Ian McKellen can tear out all the pages of Scripture he likes when he finds Gideon Bibles in motel rooms. Dan Radcliffe can tell the BBC and other media how much he "hates" Christians and others who call homosexuality what it is - sin. The world can continue on hating God, hating His Son, and hating His people. And it will until God says enough.

And until we get to that point, Christians will go on lovingly proclaiming the Gospel. The Lord will lovingly and graciously draw people to Himself in salvation, and the Lord will go on building His Church. And one day only known by Him, He will return and receive His people to Himself, and we will be with Him for eternity.

And there will also be a final judgment of all who reject Him. Final and eternal. Repent while you still can.

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