Thursday, November 17, 2011

One More Word On the "Occupy" Crowd

Conservative pundits and bloggers (and the occasional TV reporter -network biases aside -) have done their work in revealing the true nature of these "Occupy" protests that began in New York and have now spread to other cities.

Try as they might, the talking heads and liberal politicians who have tried to tie these agitators and professional squallers to the Tea Party have largely failed. They have little in common, and certainly are no where near in comparison in behavior with the vast majority of Tea Party protests, Town Halls and demonstrations. For one thing, the Tea Partiers made their point, and then they went back home. First, they cleaned up the grounds where they held their events, and often left them in better shape than they were when they got there.

Not so this bunch. They're anarchist or communist in many cases and not very unified in message, with the exception of wanting to cause as much agitation as possible. Many demand the entire overthrow of our free enterprise system in favor of some sort of socialist communitarian utopia. They are damaging things, vandalizing, urinating and defecating on public and private property, spreading disease, with reports of rapes and other crimes. They're quite a bunch.

In our American system, we don't handle protest the same way they handle protests and agitators over in Europe - even in "democratic" Western Europe. When things get out of hand there, out come the water cannons and the truncheons until the crowd is broken up and dispersed. We're reluctant to do that here, as we really value First Amendment protections of freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.

Here's one of the problems as I see it. Many of these "Occupiers" are not engaging in peaceful, lawful protest. They're acting like criminals. From what I can gather, there is nothing really constructive about what they want, except some vague slogans and catchphrases about "overthrowing Wall Street." The real culprits are the "community organizers" and wealthy types (reminds me of George Soros) helping to fund this kind of stuff behind the scenes. They're well trained in Saul Alinsky methods in raising a ruckus, with a touch of Cloward-Piven thrown in for good measure. Create as much havoc and strain on the system as possible until it cracks and breaks under the pressure.

If these people get their way, the very rights and constitutional protections they demand are the first ones they would waste no time in taking away from the rest of us if they got their way. In their world, owning and operating a successful, profitable business would be nigh impossible. They really are iconoclasts interested only in destruction.

My one hope is that people are finally beginning to weary of their antics. As I've mentioned earlier, even liberal mayors out in California, Oregon and elsewhere are beginning to see that enough is enough. Mainstream America is really beginning to get irked, and this will only end up hurting the Occupiers in the long run. Rather than getting their way, the ones they want elected to office will be defeated in a landslide.

I'll conclude by saying this, and for many on the outside, it will be a surprise coming from an American. I don't mind legitimate demonstrations. I don't mind orderly, lawful demonstrations. I support free speech. But I do NOT support lawbreaking and disorder, nor do I support the shutting down of lawful commerce and the normal warp, woof and life of a city just so a bunch of do-less good-for-nothings who haven't bathed in weeks can stand out and block traffic to yell and scream at the top of their lungs. I think they need to stop it and stop it now. Do something constructive. Run for office, or support candidates who feel the way you do. Do it nationally, do it statewide, and do it locally. Get a job. Help at a soup kitchen. Mentor a young boy or girl who needs a role model. Join the Peace Corp. Join the mission field, that is assuming you're a Christian (and from what I've seen thus far, there aren't many). But knock off this nonsense.

Otherwise, I'm fine with the authorities bringing in the water cannon and using all necessary force to restore order. Read Romans 13 if you think I'm being over the top. The state's job is to maintain order.


lee n. field said...

Did you see? A week or two ago (I can provide a link if necessary) folks from the Chicago Board of Trade dumped MacDonald's applications on the Occupy crowd. Street theater win!

Tinfoil Hattery perhaps, but I've seen rumors of Soros money behind this. Somebody's or bodies is footing the bill, and it would be interesting to follow the money.

Solameanie said...

No, I didn't see the Chicago Board of Trade thing. Funny! And I wouldn't be surprised if Soros and his ilk was involved. Someone has to pay for all these deadbeats sitting on their cans.

lee n. field said...

"Traders From Chicago Board Of Trade Dump McDonald’s Applications On Occupy Chicago Protesters"