Tuesday, December 20, 2011

And Then There's Reality . . .

There are times when I dread the end of the year. And it's not because of Christmas. Indeed, Christmas is a wonderful reminder that we serve a sovereign God who is in firm control of His creation.

No, my dread has more to do with the endless re-run of all the horrible stories from the previous year. We'll have to re-live the Japanese tsunami, earthquake and nuclear disaster, the death of Kim Jong Il, economic turmoil, political turmoil, scandals, and a host of other grim fare followed by hand-wringing and prognostication about what 2012 will bring. Many are expecting disaster, and are making plenty of money selling the idea and how to escape it unscathed. People get ready! It's coming!

Far be it from me to not recognize that we live in a perilous, fallen world. We do. Christians such as myself believe that things on the planet will indeed get much worse before they get better. In fact, the last seven years of this world order will be the worst ever experienced by mankind. We are told by the Lord that . . . For those days will be a time of tribulation such as has not occurred since the beginning of the creation which God created until now, and never will. Unless the Lord had shortened those days, no life would have been saved; but for the sake of the elect, whom He chose, He shortened the days (Mark 13:19-20).

When we look at the world right now, it does seem like it's too much for anyone to solve. Europe is in a world of hurt with debt, and the United States seems bound and determined to jump off the same cliff like a herd of lemmings. Everyone wants cuts, except don't cut their piece of pie.

Thank the Lord that He knows the end from the beginning. And thank the Lord that He came to earth, took on the form of a man, died on the cross for my sins and rose again from the dead for my justification. And thank the Lord that He will return one day to receive His own.

That really is the Christmas message — the one true hope of fallen mankind.

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