Monday, December 26, 2011

"Anonymous" Hacker Thugs

Once again, the computer hacker group "Anonymous" has struck. This 
time, the victims are the subscribers to the global security think tank 
"Stratfor," shorthand for Strategic Forecasting. 
Here is a link to Forbes Magazine's" article on the infuriating event, if 
you want the whole story. Below is the pertinent paragraph on what happened:

The hackers posted a list online that they say contains Stratfor’s confidential client list as well as credit card details, passwords and home addresses for some 4,000 Stratfor clients. The hackers also said they had details for more than 90,000 credit card accounts. Among the organizations listed as Stratfor clients: Bank of America, the Defense Department, Doctors Without Borders, Lockheed Martin, Los Alamos National Laboratory and the United Nations.
The group also posted five receipts online that it said were of donations made with pilfered credit card details. One receipt showed a $180 donation from a United States Homeland Security employee, Edmund H. Tupay, to the American Red Cross. Another showed a $200 donation to the Red Cross from Allen Barr, a recently retired employee from the Texas Department of Banking. Neither responded to requests for comment.
Why the photograph of the old Stateville Prison electric chair in Illinois? Because it's what I think this group of morons deserves, although I wouldn't follow through on it in reality. I am only in favor of the death penalty for murder, which I think is biblical enough. However, this kind of stuff makes me mad enough to want to throw the switch. 
These clowns think they're somehow noble in lashing out at various firms and entities. But they don't seem to realize that the ones who are getting hurt are more often than not everyday folks who have families to feed and businesses to run — businesses that employ a whole lot of people. The person or persons behind this "Anonymous" group aren't noble. They aren't brave. They aren't striking a blow for humanity. They're criminals.

They deserve to be in jail, and I hope they will be soon. 

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