Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Bible and the Welfare State

The issue of caring for the poor has always been a concern in the Christian world. Jesus was concerned about it, and the Old Testament has plenty of passages dealing with being charitable.

However, in this day and age, the government has gotten involved in the picture and it's no longer the sole purview of the religious community to care for the needy. And the government, of course, handles things through confiscatory taxation. The far left confiscatory crowd loves this, of course. I often wonder if their concern is really for the poor, or if it's solely for perpetuating their political power. Give out money and get votes in return.

Thanks to Dan Phillips for pointing out this essay on the subject. I also posted this over on my Facebook page, and no doubt it will get plenty of comment.

I am getting tired of the Sojourners-types and Democrats saying that conservatives don't care about the poor. It's a canard and a wearisome one. We do care. We just have a different way of going about it than picking other people's pockets by force.

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