Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Colson on the Cult of Celebrity

The cult of celebrity . . . my, that's an easy target. But what a target!

In this Christian Post article, author and Prison Fellowship head Chuck Colson takes up the subject of celebrity cults, and especially the version of them that some have created within the church.

This has been going on for quite some time, and I'm afraid that it's only accelerated in recent years. It's not just movie stars and musicians now. Nationally-known pastors have almost acquired rock star status, much to the detriment of their ministry, and as Colson points out, eventually their own walk with Christ.

I have told this little story before, but I'll share it again because it's so relevant. A large local church in my environs used to have an old, huge wooden pulpit up on the platform before the plexiglass skinny podium and now, couch, became popular for platform settings. When the preacher of the day would get up to deliver his sermon, he would see before him this little, engraved metallic plaque affixed to the lectern where he would place his Bible and notes:

"Sir, we would see Jesus."

Colson's warning is one that we'd best not forget, while always remembering the message of that little sign.

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