Thursday, January 12, 2012

Curious Timing and the Taliban

I sometimes wonder if having a suspicious mind is a normal part of the aging process.

I'm talking about this linked Reuters story regarding a video that purports to show U.S. troops urinating on the corpses of some Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.

Let me be clear. I have no doubts that terrible things happen involving troops during armed conflicts. Americans are human beings—outside of Christ, fallen human beings just like everyone else—and are just as capable of committing atrocities as any other human being. However, it is not the norm and not representative of American values.

In addition, American men, women and children are capable of being very stupid. And that is what bothers me about this particular incident. Were these troops really so stupid that they thought they could send a cell phone video to someone and not have it get out? This is the Internet age. This is the age where videos go viral, as is the case with this particular video. How could they be so dumb?

And the next question. Who posted the video online, and why? Were they so stupid not to realize that posting it could have serious international ramifications? If they were so concerned about these guys being punished, why not turn them in to military brass? Why post it in public where it could do the most damage, endangering the rest of our troops as well as our country's reputation? Maybe that was the idea, and if so, that's as reprehensible as the incident.

Of course, it's possible it was posted in the mindset of juveniles who laugh at passing gas. Think Beavis and Butthead as adults who haven't learned much. But it does seem very, very suspicious to me.

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