Thursday, January 26, 2012

Deadline at Dawn: Great One Liners

A brief diversion. If no one has ever seen "Deadline at Dawn" from 1946, it's a must see. Lots of film noir elements, but with hysterically funny lines, especially from Paul Lukas, who plays the cabbie/-co-detective in the film.

A smattering of lines: "The water evidently tasted good, so she jumped down the well." (Spoken to Lola Lane's dead character).

"Let us pause for station identification." (Spoken by Susan Hayward doing a double-take at something Bill Williams said)

"A kamikaze with hair on her head." (Lukas again, spoken to Lola Lane's corpse. He really didn't like the woman.)

"People with wax heads shouldn't stand in the sun." (Joseph Calleia to Jerome Cowan)

You've gotta see it. In glorious black and white, and lots of shadows. And a surprise ending.

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