Sunday, January 22, 2012

Everyone's Talking and No One is Listening

I was in a Facebook discussion of sorts today with a friend who is a fellow Christian, yet falls on the far left end of the political spectrum. I, of course, am on the right and it's an election year.

After a few exchanges back and forth on the subject of liberal media bias and whether there was such a thing (as if any more documentation was necessary) I finally threw my hands up and posted this (minor edits to improve clarity):

What good would it do to offer you any quotes? I've done that in the past and it seems to me (perhaps I have Alzheimers) that when I do, you impugn the source. If I were to mention Brent Bozell and his media watch dog group, you would immediately slag it off as right wing propaganda much as I probably would raise my eyebrow if you were to post something collected by Move On or Air America.

As to the food stamp thing, I hear one thing and you hear another. I hear Republican candidates say they want to move people off of food stamps and into productive work—for them to have the climate where productive work i.e. good jobs will be available. In other words, wanting the best climate possible for those on food stamps (whatever the race) to be able to improve their condition and get OFF food stamps. You hear a racist rant and code words to hate blacks. I think we're at an impasse, quite frankly.

I don't care much for Gingrich, to be honest. I like Rick Santorum much better, and Mike Huckabee even better than Santorum. But Huckabee isn't running. I don't believe any of them are racists. To hear this accusation aimed at them is just as offensive to me as it is to those on the left when some Republicans accuse liberals of wanting to keep blacks on the plantation. When liberals accuse Republicans of wanting to bring back Jim Crow etc, that is every bit as bomb throwing. And here we are, at an endless back and forth of who can urinate the farthest. What good does it do?

I can already imagine the comeback, but I'm tired of the discussion. I'm tired of politics, and tired of such little interest in truth from all sides. No doubt this will come as a surprise if you've read my previous posts through the years on political matters, but something unusual is in the air, and in my psyche. I am truly getting sick of it all. Crosby Stills and Nash (liberals to the core) once sang something in their song called "Daylight Again" with which I agree completely . . . "when everyone's talking and no one is listening, how can we decide?"

Perhaps when the whole globe is burning, the politicians and their acolytes will be satisfied. There, rant over.

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