Thursday, January 12, 2012

More On The Taliban/Marines Controversy

I've been doing some more thinking this evening on the Marines/Taliban corpses controversy, and have one more point to make about it.

While not excusing the actions of this particular group of Marines alleged to have urinated on the corpses of Taliban fighters, I think we ought to review the record of the Taliban before engaging in too much hand-wringing. We can look no further than this CNN article documenting some of the horrific things done by these animals to their own people.

It seems to me that the Taliban's outrage (not to mention that of the Afghan government) is a bit misplaced. They ought to begin with themselves, and questioning what gives them the right to brutalize their people regardless of age. At least the fighters who got a little wet were dead and couldn't feel what was being done to them (We'll leave the subject of Hell aside for the moment). Not the case for the Taliban's victims. In light of this history, one can at least understand why some Marines might have done what they did, and even more the case if some of their buddies got killed at Taliban hands.

Having said all this, there is a code of conduct in the military, and it must be followed. We do have high standards of behavior and morality, and they ought to be upheld for our witness and example around the world. The Marines who did this (if in fact they were really Marines and this wasn't a staged incident) must be disciplined.

But the Taliban have very, very little about which to complain. If they were noble warriors instead of cowardly thugs who hide behind masks and civilians, I might feel a bit more sympathy.

Note: Here is an update on the situation. Looking grim.

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