Friday, January 20, 2012

Politics: Bringing a Nerf Bat to a Knife Fight

As much as I insisted on trying to ignore the political after leaving radio broadcasting completely earlier this year, I can't stand it. Once a news director and political analyst, always a news director and political analyst.

Listening to the talking heads, some if not most are wondering how Newt Gingrich could surge in the polls after all of his personal baggage has been aired again—most recently with the damning interview given by Newt's ex-wife Marianne, as to his adultery and character.

If you're looking at a gut answer as to why Newt is rising, I'll give it to you straight. And my doing so is not an endorsement of Newt's character or theology. Not at all.

Newt is catching fire precisely because he is doing what the Republican rank and file have been begging from the establishment of the party for eons. "Give us a candidate who will FIGHT!"

Whatever his personal baggage, Newt Gingrich is not intimidated or fearful of his leftist, Democratic opponents. He is not afraid of using the Democrats' politics of personal destruction, scorched-earth tactics against them. Newt is not  afraid of a street fight. He won't bring a Nerf bat to a knife fight. When the Democrats (or whoever) decide to hit below the belt, Newt will return a knee in the groin, a backhanded chop to the Adam's Apple, and eventually disembowel any opponent he encounters in a debate with joie de vivre.

And that is what Republicans who are tired of being pinatas for the Democrats have been longing for. Someone who will actually fight back. And fight back with a vengeance.

Those of my generation will remember Congressman Bob Michel of Illinois. An honorable chap for the most part, but under his leadership in the House, it was more go-along and get along rather than fight for principle. We're tired of it. We're tired of falsely being called racists from the Alinskyites. We're tired of being told we don't have compassion. And we're tired of being called sleazy by people whose lives would have alleycats look virtuous in comparison. Tired through and through.

Point to be made in closing. Even as I say what I said above, as a practicing and believing Christian, I believe the truth will win out in the in when properly and forcefully told. I don't think one needs to resort to dirty or underhanded tactics to be successful. I write this strictly in the role of an analyst trying to make sense of the current political milieu. What I have often found is that the truth is hurtful and embarrassing enough. One doesn't have to hit low blows to bring it to light.

Of course, many on the left consider bringing the truth to light a low blow.

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