Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Seventh Sola Flashback: Caning and Mr. Chips

I don't often go back and repost things I have written in previous years. But today I'm going to break that tradition, because one particular post I made back in 2008 continues to get comments to this day—and I find that fascinating.

I'm talking about this post on corporal punishment in British schools before it was outlawed. I had been watching the 1939 classic "Goodbye, Mr. Chips, which has a caning scene or two, so it got me curious about the subject.

As you will see from the comments section of that particular post, corporal punishment of any kind—whether it's in school or done privately in the home by parents—remains a hot button issue with many people. What I found even more funny that the first commenter in the meta thought I was the retired schoolmaster who wrote the article and accused me with finding some sort of pleasure or delight in inflicting punishment (I had made it clear in "Sola's Note" before the article that it had been written by someone else).

I also made it pretty clear in the meta discussion that I was not advocating the extreme of what the British public school system once employed (although, having said that and seeing some of the behavior I see these days, I might change my mind on that one).

So, just for grins, I am pointing back to that 2008 post again today. We'll see if the meta explodes again, unless total apathy has metastasized in four years.


Solameanie said...

Well, what do you know. A whole day and no comments. I guess caning is acceptable now. ;)

Solameanie said...

BTW, as an inside joke of sorts, when the band Genesis had their 1982 reunion with Peter Gabriel at Milton Keynes, the title of the show was called "Six of the Best." No doubt recalling the bands' formative years at Charterhouse, and caning no doubt was still in practice then. I've always wondered if Mike Rutherford got caned in school. ;)