Monday, January 02, 2012

So Much for Ecumenism

Well, well, well. Something has happened for which I thank my Lord and Savior, although to some it will seem like an odd thing for which to be thankful. Thankful, but saddened also.

It looks like Pope Benedict has thrown ecumenism under the bus. He has reaffirmed historic Catholic belief that all other churches are not true churches, and that their priestly orders have no value. Why am I glad? Because it's time that this issue was exposed loudly and publicly, especially because there has been so much pressure on evangelicals to throw their doctrinal standards out the window and "come home to Rome." Ecumenism with Rome is impossible if one is going to maintain biblical fidelity and fidelity to the Lord.

Unless Rome repents.

I am often amazed by how many Catholics I meet believe that Vatican II did away with all of this stuff, opening the door to fellowshipping with other believers. I am also amazed by the number of Protestants out there who believe it, and think that it really doesn't matter. It does. It matters because the Gospel itself is at stake.

We are saved by grace alone, through faith alone, by Christ alone, under the authority of Holy Spirit inspired Scripture alone, and to God alone be the glory. Christ alone is the one mediator between God and man, and we need no other to step in His place. Mary is not co-redemptrix and co-mediatrix. That is blasphemy. God will share His glory with no other, and no other paid the price for our salvation but the Lord Jesus Christ Himself on the cross.

The issue is, and always has been, justification. How are we made right before God i.e. justified. Evangelicals believe we are justified by God's grace alone. Catholics believe in a mixture of grace and works, no matter how much they insist otherwise. There's plenty of documentary evidence out of the Magisterium to prove that fact.

It is important for all would-be ecumenists to remember that Vatican II did NOT do away with the Council of Trent, nor its hundreds of anathemas (curses) who believe as evangelicals believe. Vatican II reaffirmed Trent. And until Rome repents of this, there will be no unity. Unity has to be around biblical truth. Period.

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lee n. field said...

A few years ago I stumbled across something you might want to read and bookmark: Charles Hodge's Letter to Pope Pius IX. It's a polite and respectful "no" to an invitation to Protestant churches to send delegates to the first Vatican council.

"...We therefore cannot be pronounced heretics without involving in the same condemnation the whole ancient church.

"Neither are we schismatics...."

Worth a read