Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lott on Gun Control, Media Matters and Hypocrisy

Life just keeps on getting interestinger and interestinger. Or should I say politics?

Fox News has been reporting on the Daily Caller's investigation of the radical left-wing "Media Matters" organization, which purports to be a watchdog on conservative media and individuals because they see them as menaces that must be stopped. (ht Frank Turk at Pyromaniacs for that delicious line)

Today, economist John Lott wrote an excellent commentary on the hypocrisy of the organization and its leadership. Come to find out, founder David Brock allegedly has bodyguards packing heat. And why is this so interesting? Here's Mr. Lott to tell us . . .

According to Media Matters, laws letting law-abiding citizens carry concealed handguns for protection are "dangerous." They assert these citizens "endanger" police officers and "compromise public safety." And derisively refer to the “cult of victimhood,” where crime victims and defensive gun uses are pointed at to justify gun ownership. They claim that it is a“myth” that concealed handguns reduce crime and label those who disagree “extremist”.

Nor do they mention that there has been a total of 29 peer reviewed studies by economists and criminologists, 18 supporting the hypothesis that shall-issue laws reduce crime, 10 finding no significant effect on crime, and that just one claims that right-to-carry laws temporarily increases one type of violent crime, aggravated assault. Of course, Media Matters never mentions the published research finding that right-to-carry laws reduce murders of police officers

Ironically, for a media organization, neither Media Matters nor David Brock returned multiple calls from me about the Daily Caller story.

John Lott is the author of a great book called "More Guns, Less Crime," which caused hissy fits across the country and no doubt sent New York mayor Michael Bloomberg into paroxysms of rage. He's done a lot of research on this subject, and I would assume he's got a target on his back. But unlike his critics, Lott is not a hypocrite. 

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