Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The Next Fad?

Today, I have to exercise my rather macabre sense of humor while still making a point of some kind.

Why the pix of the gullotine? I got to thinking about fads, actually.

Tattooing is the rage in America these days. Yesterday, there was an article posted about some body art convention. As you'll see from the linked Fox piece and video, some of it is really very grotesque.

So, my fertile mind began to wonder and wander. I asked, what is the next fad waiting for us around the corner now that tattoos are probably going to become passe in a while. We've had body piercing with nails, screws, poles, huge discs in drilled-out earlobes, etc. What could be the next wave of human self-expression and probable physical destruction?

I know! Self-amputation of selected body parts. I hope they don't take it as far as self-decapitation, but you never know. Some peoples' creativity knows no bounds.

By now, I assume that most of my readers know that I am being very tongue-in-cheek and more than a little sarcastic. I had someone ask me, "If it's not your body, why worry about it?"

I worry because of what is happening to the culture at large, and the human spirit/soul. We grow more and more pagan by the day, and more rebellious against God. The bent knee and humble supplication has become the clenched fist and shrill demand, or more likely, curse.

This will not be a very pleasant place to be in a few years' time. It's already becoming very uncomfortable. But then, this will be the time when the culture needs the love of God and the life-changing Gospel all the more. Will we as believers respond accordingly, or turn our noses up and hide in our enclaves?

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