Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Pastor Tom Chantry on the Elephant Room Controversy

If you're a frequent reader of Pyromaniacs (as I am) and keeping tabs with what goes on with the folks over at The Gospel Coalition, you no doubt have heard of the controversy over prosperity-gospel preacher T.D. Jakes. In addition to the PG views he holds, Jakes has also been held to scrutiny over whether or not he still denies the Trinity as do "Jesus-Only" or Oneness Pentecostals.

Today, a frequent and respected contributor at Pyromaniacs adds his thoughts to the controversy. His name is Pastor Tom Chantry, and this is a link to his blog> where he gives a post-mortem on the subject. 

Spread the word, and give a shout-out as well.


lee n. field said...

. They were told that it was wrong to oppose his being called a “brother” because, after all, he’s an American.

Got a chuckle out of me. Yes, I've been following the crisis of the month.

As I told a buddy of mine a few days ago: "God has his (providential) hand on the church. But, we have to live through these times."

Solameanie said...

Thanks, Lee. We live in interesting times indeed.

BTW, the final hyperlink was meant to say "Give Pyromaniacs a shout" but they've changed something with how Blogger edits, and I haven't figured it out yet. I end up having to delete the post and re-do the whole thing because the entire article ends up looking like a hyperlink. When you'd hit "edit," you used to be able to deal with it simply, but you can't do that any longer. When you hit "edit html," there's a bunch of gobbledygook of which I can't make sense.

I'll figure it out eventually.