Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Race Card Again

I generally don't put a whole lot of stock in so-called "celebrity gossip" sites. However, TMZ had a little clip this morning that I find pretty troubling if it's accurate.

I'm referring to this alleged series of statements by Samuel Jackson. It's not so much that he reportedly said he voted for President Obama because he's a black man, although that in and of itself is troubling enough if that's your sole reason for supporting someone for president.

It's the series of comments that follow that statement. So, swagger and attitude and being "scary" is going to help this country's problems? As an aside, I would agree that a Republican Congressman yelling out "you lie" at the president during an address to Congress was wrong. I'm sure you could find other examples of conservatives being ugly and try to use them as excuses for this or that. But you don't justify bad behavior by pointing to other bad behavior. President Obama has had an abysmal presidency. I personally don't think the country can take another four years of him, but that has nothing to do with skin color. I'd no doubt feel the same if Ted Kennedy had been elected president, because they no doubt would have pursued much the same course.

I am tired of the race card. But rest assured, if President Obama does win a second term and follows Jackson's advice about being "scary" and showing an ugly, dictatorial, swaggering, in-your-face attitude, the country will not be helped and it will not heal. It will erupt in flames.

Maybe that's what some people really want.

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Jim W said...

I thought/think the same thing about Gen. Colin Powell. He endorsed Obama but he and McCain had far more in common than he and Obama. Powell and Obama have nothing but skin color in common. Powell and McCain shared far more than mere skin color. That whole sorry episode told me far more about Powell and made me very glad that he didn't run. He's a much a racist as any KKKer ever was.