Saturday, February 25, 2012

Rockefeller Republicans Are Still With Us

I can't help chuckle when I hear some of the media talking heads say there is no such thing as a Rockefeller Republican anymore. The term is linked with the late Nelson Rockefeller (relative of current Democratic West Virginia Senator Jay Rockefeller). He was a liberal Northeastern Republican, noted for several fun things, including flipping off people on camera and, um, where he allegedly died. But that's another story into which I'd rather not get.

I'm not generally a huge Wikipedia fan in terms of reliability, although it does have a tabloid-type appeal. It does have a lot of truth in there mixed with errors. However, this particular article on Rockefeller Republicanism is pretty good.

As you'll see, it's not that they've gone anywhere in the Republican Party. They've just morphed into a new name. They're now "moderate Republicans." In reality, they are liberal Republicans. They always vote with the Democrats when it counts.

I just wish they'd leave and join the Dems where they really belong, and quit troubling the waters of what is supposed to be the party of the conservative alternative.

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