Friday, March 09, 2012

I Want One!!!

No politics or other controversial fare today. Today is the day for fun. And coveting....(just kidding. Sort of.)

Take a good gander at the photo on the right. You can find out more about it by by clicking here. And no, I am not a salesman for Samash.

I just happened to be on Ebay this morning looking at "Travel Guitars" and happened on quite a selection, from acoustic to electric. I saw one acoustic version that was reasonably priced and inviting, and then I saw this one.

Always liked the Steinberger headless guitars that were popular in the 80s. I especially liked a similar headless doubleneck bass/guitar combo Mike Rutherford (Genesis-Mike & the Mechanics) used during the Genesis Mama Tour in 1983. But this one will do. Small, light, portable and pluggable.

Anyone want to give me an early birthday present?

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