Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's All About Race Now

It's interesting when arch-conservative Pat Buchanan and liberal journalist Geraldo Rivera come to a meeting of the minds.

Check out the latest Human Events column written by Pat Buchanan. Pat is controversial himself and has been accused of racially-charged rhetoric in the past. But I think honest people will admit that he has a point.

If George Zimmerman is guilty, I want him in jail. If he is innocent of killing Treyvon Martin in cold blood, he needs to be exonerated. The truth probably lies somewhere in between. But we're not going to find out that truth until there is a full, impartial investigation. People like Sharpton and Jesse Jackson only hinder that process from taking place. I have thought for a long time that keeping things stirred up is in the interest of these two would-be "ministers." Instead of proclaiming peace and reconciliation in Christ as Christian ministers are supposed to be doing, they're out fanning the fire, even when local civil rights leaders in Florida expressed quite clearly that they did not support Sharpton's tactics.

For his incitement, maybe Sharpton ought to be in jail along with Zimmerman. Especially if his tactics, coupled with that of the New Black Panthers who issued a "fatwa" on Zimmerman's head, result in bloodshed. From what I am reading, it might well have already contributed to some.

Sad. Horrible. For the Martin family. For the Zimmerman family. And for our country.

Martin Luther King would have been appalled.

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