Thursday, March 01, 2012

The Next Gay Brouhaha

ABC News is making sure this story gets headlines today. And it's sure to become the latest brouhaha for the nightly talking heads, AND it's sure to provoke the latest round of Christian-bashing.

What's the row? A Catholic priest denied communion to a woman living in an open lesbian relationship at her mother's funeral. Exactly what you would expect the church to do in being faithful to its teachings. But let's be clear:

No one advocates cruelty or a lack of sympathy toward someone who has lost a loved one. However, that isn't what's going on here.

Biblically faithful Protestant churches would do the same thing i.e. denial of communion to someone living in sin, although typically we don't serve communion at funerals. But that's irrelevant to those who are intent on forcing homosexuality down the throats of everyone, no matter how much it might offend their moral scruples OR violates the laws of God.

You would think this lesbian woman who was supposedly raised Catholic by a devout Catholic would have the minimum of cognizance that the church is not going to countenance her lifestyle. And let's leave the issue of priests and nuns and sexual abuse aside, as it's not relevant. Those priests and nuns who engage in such things are violating Scripture and Christian morals as well, and they ought to be defrocked and disciplined. And prosecuted where appropriate. Someone's hypocrisy does not make untrue the moral/biblical principle.

Those who will milk this story for political purposes will get by with it for a while, and a sympathetic media will play their minor-key violins ad nauseum. But in the end, God always has the last word and the last laugh. His judgment won't be funny to those on the receiving end.

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